Hi Paul, The coving is superb! Martin and his colleague (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) were really professional and clearly take a huge amount of pride in their work as you clearly do too. Looking at their work it was almost unbelievable that it looks as if it’s been there from day 1…. Many thanks.

Paul Borrett


Paul made us cornice to match the original cornice in our Edwardian house. Lovely job done - you'd think it had been there for ever. And extra thanks to Paul for managing to accommodate our very narrow time period for getting the cornice made and fitted. Just brlliant! Top quality, reasonable cost, quick, prompt and reliable. What more do you want?

Hilary Selby


Hazells plaster mouldings: As a fitter of plaster mouldings I have used various nationwide suppliers. I decided to try a local firm after i was introduced to Paul. That was 5 years ago and Paul has never let me down once. I have brought in old plaster cornice in bits for him to match, designs from clients on scrap bits of paper and large orders at short notice. He has done a great job every time. Good product, good prices and a good bloke!

David Hazell

Bognor Regis

Paul has created a perfect match for our 1910 coving and you would never know - if I stopped telling people. I also bought some off the shelf ceiling roses and coving for other rooms and they add a really affordable bit of glamour! The last request was unusual as I wanted to highlight the old gas lamps rather than highlight them - they look great!

Lindsey Barnes