Plasterware Arches and Corbels

Sussex Mouldings offer high quality, attractive archways and corbels in open plan houses.

If you have an open plan house and no need for door surrounds, we can offer you a bespoke arch that will add a touch of class to your house. An arch can give something different to a house, and creates an atmosphere that can send you back to ancient Greece and the intricate designs they were so famous for. Pauls Nash and his colleagues can advise you on how to get the most out of an arch for your house.

In addition to an archway, corbels are a good looking feature to show off in your house. They go hand in hand with each other and can really put some more character into a room, giving the ornate feel that comes with all historic buildings. As well as being excellent decorative supports for arches, corbels can be used as shelf supports or beam ends. Contact Sussex Mouldings on 07793 381591 today for our professional advise.