Professional Coving

Coving, or cornicing, is an impressive interior addition to historic buildings and houses.

A basic necessity in any large room or historic structure, plaster cornice is the decorative moulding the govers the corners where your ceiling joins the walls. Our cornices are all of the highest quality, and we have a range of designs from a plain, smooth curve to an artistic design with a pattern running along it. When choosing your coving, it is important to consider the rest of your house, as a bespoke, complex pattern on the coving would not fit well with modern furnishings, whereas a plain design would not show off a historic building as much as you may wish.

Sussex Mouldings will be happy to discuss with you the most suitable coving design for your room and help to simplify your decision. Call us today on 07793 381591 for professional mouldings in West and East Sussex.